Former Cranbrook Bucks

Former Bucks forwards Dane Dowiak and Briggs Gammill, and current defenseman Cam Kungle during the 2020 Extended Exhibition Season. (Conné Lategan Photo / Supplied by the Cranbrook Bucks)

The following players are alumni members of the Cranbrook Bucks. The list will be updated as players complete their tenure in Cranbrook.

Note: To be included in the Bucks Alumni list, players must have played at least one regular season game with the team. The one exception to this rule is that players on the Bucks roster during the 2020-21 extended training season are included, even if they did not play a game that regular season. These players are some of the first to commit to Cranbrook as an expansion franchise and the first to don the Bucks jersey.

Briggs Gammill (Forward, 2020-21)

Bryce Krauter (Forward, 2020-21)

Cam Reid (Defense, 2020-2022)

Carson Kurylo (Defense, 2020-21)

Christian Lowe (Forward, 2020-21)

Christian Trianni (Goalie, 2020-21)

Dane Dowiak (Forward, 2020-21)

Drake Burgin (Defense, 2020-21)

Jacob Smith (Forward, 2020-21)

Jacob Zacharewicz (Goalie, 2020-21)

Jaden Fodchuk (Forward, 2020-21)

Jagger Benson (Defense, 2020-21)

Jason Marsella (Defense, 2020-21)

Jay Thomson (Goalie, 2020-21)

Michael Hagen (Forward, 2020-21)

Nathan Fox (Forward, 2020-21)

Nick Dobson (Defense, 2020-21)

Nikolas Sombrowski (Forward, 2020-21)

Noah Leibl (Forward, 2020-2022)

Owen Forfellow (Defense, 2020-21)

Reece Henry (Forward, 2020-21)

Sheldon Pryce (Forward, 2020-21)

Theo Thrun (Forward, 2021-22)

Walker Gelbard (Forward, 2020-22)