Episode 10: Wylie Henderson and the BCHL’s all-time games played leader Mike Di Stefano

Mike Di Stefano

In episode 10 of the Bucks Network Podcast, Chris Keck is joined by Wylie Henderson as the Bucks broadcast duo teams up for the first time on the show.

The episode features an interview that Wylie recorded with Mike Di Stefano, the BC Hockey League’s all-time games played leader.

This episode is available on both Apple and Spotify.

Di Stefano played 297 games over five seasons in the BCHL before heading over to Italy to play three professional seasons, and also playing internationally for Italy as well.

Chris and Wylie open the episode talking briefly about the end of the Bucks regular season before providing some background on Di Stefano.

You’ll then hear the interview with Di Stefano, who talks about navigating through his five years in the BCHL, turning pro, and then wrapping up his hockey career and settling down with his family.

He provides some great knowledge, insight, and experience to hockey players of any age.

Chris and Wylie then wrap up the episode with some takeaways from the interview, and briefly talking about what’s next for the Bucks and the podcast.


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