Episode 1: The Cranbrook Bucks first-ever player Noah Leibl

Conné Lategan / Cranbrook Bucks

Episode one of the Bucks Network podcast is a three-part interview with the first player in Cranbrook Bucks franchise history, Noah Leibl.

This episode is available on Apple podcasts here, and on Spotify here.

The 19-year-old from San Diego, California was traded earlier this season from Cranbrook to Victoria, but he allowed Bucks Network to stick to the plan and have him be the debut guest on the podcast.

The first interview of the episode was recorded while Noah was in quarantine ahead of the 2020-21 Pod Season.

Noah chatted with Bucks Network’s Chris Keck to recap his career to that point in an interview that inspired the creation of this podcast.

In part two, Noah joined Chris from the Penticton Pod to discuss the first two games in franchise history.

In the third interview, Noah returned to Cranbrook for his second season with the team and discussed the remainder of the Pod Season, before shifting his focus back to the current season, and where the team’s focus was at shifting from the preseason to its second regular season.

Best of luck to Noah in Victoria and we can’t wait to have him on again in the future!

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