Bucks Network Podcast

Cranbrook Bucks Photo

Welcome to the Bucks Network Podcast, the official podcast of BucksNetwork.ca.

This podcast is the number one source of interviews of current and former players, coaches and staff of the Cranbrook Bucks, as well as others relative to the Bucks and the BC Hockey League.

The Bucks Network Podcast is available on both Apple and Spotify.


Ep. 1: The Cranbrook Bucks first-ever player Noah Leibl (1:28:34)

Ep. 2: Cranbrook Bucks forward AJ Vasko (58:32)

Ep. 3: Former Bucks Goalie Christian Trianni (1:01:15)

Ep. 4: Cranbrook Bucks Captain Rhys Bentham (52:29)

Ep. 5: Previewing Bucks vs Vipers with Vernon’s play-by-play voice Graham Turnbull (50:21)

Ep. 6: Former Cranbrook Bucks Assistant Coach Todd Skirving (Part 1) (1:13:12)

Ep. 7: Former Cranbrook Bucks Assistant Coach Todd Skirving (Part 2) (46:17)

Ep. 8: Cranbrook Bucks hometown defenseman Quaid Anderson (47:20)

Episode 9: Cranbrook Bucks forward Noah Quinn (49:32)

Episode 10: Wylie Henderson and the BCHL’s all-time games played leader Mike Di Stefano (38:03)

Episode 11: Turning the page from regular season to playoffs with Wylie Henderson (50:41)

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