Welcome to Bucks Network!

Bucks forwards Noah Quinn and Tyson Dyck (Photo supplied by the Cranbrook Bucks)

Welcome to BucksNetwork.ca — the first and only independent media source dedicated exclusively to covering the Cranbrook Bucks Junior ‘A’ Hockey Club of the British Columbia Hockey League.

Bucks Network was launched by Chris Keck, who has been covering the Bucks and other BC Hockey League topics for BCHLNetwork.ca over the past two years.

The creation of Bucks Network allows Cranbrook Bucks media coverage to be streamlined, and have a few additional authentic features which you can read about below.

The first thing you will notice while viewing the Bucks Network home page is a list of posts covering latest team news. Although the site is just launching, there is nearly three weeks worth of posts already available.

Things like post-game and weekend recaps, trades, and other team news are available now and will continue to be updated.

Bucks Network has many other features available at launch, including the Bucks schedule, roster, coaches, and team history.

As it pertains to the Bucks schedule, it is listed both in its entirety, and can also be viewed broken down by each opponent.

As for the roster, Bucks Network has listed every player to ever wear a Bucks jersey and participate in each of the three main seasons the team has played in — the 2020 Extended Exhibition Season, 2020-21 Pod Season, and 2021-22 Regular Season.

In addition to each of these rosters being listed, we have also created an alumni page which lists every former member of the Bucks franchise.

The last player-related feature available at launch is the Captains Page, where you can view the Bucks current and former team captains.

For now, clicking on a player listed on any of these pages will redirect you to their EliteProspects.com profile, however Bucks Network will be releasing personal profiles for each player in the coming weeks, so stay tuned!

Similar to the players pages, Cranbrook Bucks coaches and staff are also listed on Bucks Network, including the current and former coaches and trainers from the first two seasons of the Bucks franchise.

For now, the Team History page currently gives a brief description of the Cranbrook Bucks short history, and there are some awesome features on the way, including a record book, trade history, college commitments, history by opponent, and more!

The last feature to share with you at launch is the Bucks Network Podcast, which was one of the main inspirations for the creation of Bucks Network.

You can expect to hear a great lineup of interviews, both from the past and future, as people relative to the Bucks and the BC Hockey League share their stories with you!

Bucks Network can’t wait to promote this great organization and its elite athletes with you, and we are just getting started!

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